Making Money

A Look At How People Make Money Through Internet Marketing

It is no secret that many thousands and even millions of people are making money through internet marketing. However, if you’ve never done so yourself, it can be quite confusing to understand how they are able to do so. The truth is, it is very simple to make money online, but just like with any other business it will take time, effort and a lot of work. So, with that said, we will now look at a couple of different ways that people are making money with internet marketing.

One of the most popular methods is through creating niche or authority websites around a particular topic and getting organic traffic through SEO from Google and various other search engines. This traffic is then monetized through display ads, affiliate offers or even informational products. So, for example, you can choose to create a pet website about dog care. On this website, you will have pages of information about dogs and dog care with specific keywords you’ve targeted using SEO tactics. One example is a page on dog collars where you talk about the different type of dog collars and recommend specific types with affiliate links to Amazon. Then, you can get traffic to this page through SEO where you build links to the page and do on-page optimization and over time the page will start to rank in the top spots of Google for keywords such as “best dog collar” etc.

The people who click on your page will then either read the information and click back or they will continue looking at your site and a small percentage will click on your affiliate links, go to Amazon and purchase your recommended dog collar. When they do this, you will receive a percentage of the sale. So, the more people that you get to click through and buy through your affiliate link, the more money you will earn. These type of sites are very popular and many people are make tens of thousands per month through these niche and authority sites with affiliate links.

Another way that you can make money through internet marketing is to do paid ads to affiliate offers or your own offers. In this method, instead of doing SEO to get organic traffic, you pay for the traffic from platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. There are many different platforms where you can buy traffic and you then funnel this traffic to your own website or landing page where people can sign up to your email newsletter or you can try to sell them your product right away. If you sign them up to your newsletter and send them relevant and useful information for awhile, a larger percentage may convert into customers when you do show them your affiliate or own product offer.

There are many other ways to make money online such as through selling on Amazon known as FBA, e-Commerce, dropshipping, selling eBooks on Kindle, selling your own T-shirts through Amazon Merch or other sites such as Gearbubble etc. However, in order to be successful, it is best that you only choose one method and stick to it until you’re profitable.